Manufacturing ERP Software

Manufacturing ERP Software

Manufacturing ERP is a comprehensive solution that provides excellent support to the manufacturers dealing in different industries. It is the ever spreading and advance era that force each vertical to streamline their all processes to eliminate future risks and disasters. This software is specifically designed to beat the challenges of meeting customers requirements, ensure effective supplier management, cost control and finding new clientele for business growth.

MX ERP provided by Mattocean Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is primarily based on MRP (Material Requirements Planning) concept. To meet the deadline for delivery of finished product, ERP for manufacturing industry will assist the users a reverse planning while considering the available products in Warehouse and daily capacity of manufacturing. It will take into consideration the capacity and efficiency of all machines involved along with that of operators. However other factors involved are turnaround time of vendors after placing the Purchase Orders.

This solution also ensures that Entrepreneur must maintain a minimum stock level and with the help of alerts he should be in a position to arrange the required material just in time to ensure uninterrupted process. The software has a fantastic material management system with n levels of approval and alerts system. The production planning can be maintained as open or closed orders as per the case.

Some major features of the solution:
  • Demand forecasting & planning
  • Effective inventory management
  • Promising users for connecting their departments, suppliers and customers
  • Adopted to support multiple operational activities
  • Provides fine integration of procurement, material management, planning, manufacturing and accounting
  • Capability of maintaining customer relationship management and ecommerce
  • Offers data analysis mechanism that further enhance decision making activities
  • Functionality of handling numerous manufacturers at a time
  • Eliminates unnecessary operational downtime
  • Excellent product traceability and tracking throughout supply chain management
  • On-time and flawless delivery
  • Users can get quick ROI

ERP for Manufacturing

The latest version of Mx ERP is perfect for a complete supply chain and can easily help in ensuring the distribution chain. This will also help in tracking the deliveries to end users. Finance management is another salient feature in our cloud hosted manufacturing ERP software, which is very strong and gives back a strong analysis to the entrepreneur to understand various statistics of his business. It also comply with Schedule six of IT law of India.

Other features that ERP for manufacturing industry and companies have are 100% HR with complete integration with individual employees through an Employee Portal. A perfect Payroll makes it very easy for managers to prepare salary with click of a mouse. Complete presales CRM along Sales Force Automation (SFA) obviates the necessity of buying a separate CRM.